• Kyle Sutcliffe

How To Get Results Without Frustration

Updated: Jul 29, 2018

Sleep well

Your body needs time to rest after a long day of work and workouts. In order for you to fully recover you need to get at least 7+ hours of sleep a night. Everyone likes sleeping to so it'll keep you less frustrated. Your muscles need the rest to recover and get stronger. Your hormones are effected when you don't get enough sleep which causes your metabolism to slow down all leading in not getting results. So do yourself a favor try your best to get a good nights sleep everyday.

Avoid Stress

When you’re stressed all the time, you may find yourself feeling too overwhelmed to think about a well-balanced meal and instead buy whatever’s convenient. Many of us are stress eaters as well. Stress can be one of the big reasons for not getting the results you want. Plus who likes being stressed? No-one does so do your best to avoid the stress stay calm and you'll get the results you deserve.

Eat Well

When I say eating well yes that means sticking to your diet. What people often think is that they need to stick to plain food and tons of vegetables. You actually can make some awesome meals look up some recipes for replacements of food you enjoy. For example: if you feel like eating a hamburger try replacing with ground turkey or ground chicken to minimize the calories!

Follow a workout program

Yes, you can get results by going to the gym and doing cardio. However, that can be very boring and eventually your body will get to use to it. That's why trainers like myself switch up the workouts each and every day to avoid plateaus. When working with a trainer 1. you don't need to stress on planing a workout and 2. they will bring you motivation, especially in group training! I know it can be pricey sometimes but you have to invest in your health its important!

80/20 rule

Yes, the 80/20 rule. Everyone knows its hard to stick to a diet all the time and eventually start cheating and fall out of it. I know I've been there. What if you planned your dieting with being 80% accurate and 20% "cheating" we would all be much happier right? Let's say you put every Saturday as your cheating day that'll give you something to look forward to at the end of your hard working week.


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