• Kyle Sutcliffe

My #5 Top Fitness Tips For Success

Updated: Jul 29, 2018

Starting a Workout Program is not always easy. Here are my top 5 tips for being successful on your fitness journey.

1.) Stick With It-

Working out is not easy when you first start. You have to trust me when I tell you that, it will get easier. The biggest problem people have is giving up on themselves when they are just about to "hit the gold". You have to stick to it and the results will come and you'll be extremely happy that you did!

2.)You Need to Eat-

One of the biggest problems people have is thinking "if I just don't eat I will lose weight" this may be true at the beginning but for the long run it is actually hurting you. You need the right amount of macro-nutrients (Proteins, Carbs and Fats) to fuel your body. You see, what happens is, when you don't take in enough calories you slow your metabolism down and you will stop getting results. As long as you stick to your meal plan this won't happen to you! I'm here to tell you that eating is not bad you just need to know how much to intake.

3.)Stay Hydrated-

When it comes to getting results staying hydrated is just as important as eating. Your body needs the water to help flush out the bad stuff in your body. Staying hydrated also will help keep your metabolism fast which helps in losing weight or gaining muscle. "How much water do I need?" its simple all you have to do is take your body weight and divide it in half. That is the minimum amount of ounces you should drink a day. You should shoot for a full gallon but half of your body weight will do you wonders!

4.)Your Body Is Stronger Than You Think-

Your mind will tell you, you can't do something but is that really what your body is telling you? You may feel like you are weak starting off but once you realize that your body will keep moving forward it will create a whole new you. Just put into your head that your body will not give up!

5.)Think Positive-

Mindset is the biggest factor when it comes to you reaching your goals. Think positive and stay motivated and you will get to where you want to be. It isn't easy but as long as you continue having that positive mindset you can achieve anything.


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