• Kyle Sutcliffe

Using My Fitness Pal for Results

In my last Blog I wrote about how to find out your Calories and Macros. Yes, this is very important in order to get results. No, it is not 100% needed with us at Get Fit Boot Camp since we have done for you meal plans. However, not everyone wants to follow a meal plan and wants to be able to eat the foods they like. This is why I help our members understand how to count calories and to use my fitness pal. In this Blog post I will go over how to set up your my fitness pal and track your calories.

Step 1: Go to your app store and search "My Fitness Pal" the logo looks something like the picture below.

Step 2: Set up your account.

Step 3: You should have an idea for the total amount of calories you want to eat per day. If you do not you can look back at this blog >>>>

Step 4: Go to the "more" tab in the bottom right.

Step 5: Click on "goals" then go to where it says "Calorie, Carb, Protein and Fat Goals"

Step 6: Input your desired daily caloric intake. Then click on one of "carb, protein or fat" Use the percentages to equal out to 100%. Note: You can also see total grams when doing this. Resort back to the previous blog if you need help with these percentages. Once you are finished hit the check mark.

Step 7: How to Track your Foods- go back to the home page. On the bottom it says "diary" once you click here you will see below that it says (breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks) all you need to do is click "+add food". You can either take a picture of the bar code or search for the food.

Step 8: Once you find the food make sure you have the correct servings. If you are having more than or less than 1 serving you will need to adjust that accordingly.

Step 9: Awesome job! You now have learned to track the food. Next, you need to know how to see where you stand for you daily calories and macros. To do this, click on "more" then click "nutrition" Once you are here at the top it says "nutrients" this is where you will see how many grams you have remaining for each of your macros. You can even see your sugar's, fibers, saturated fats etc..

That is it, you now know how to find out your total calories and macros, as well as, tracking your food on my fitness pal. It may take a bit to get use to, but trust me! Once you do it will be worth it :) If you have any questions do not hesitate to reach out!


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