Chris Thompson 

"I sought out a personal trainer for better health and motivation. I started working with Kyle in April 2017 to get help meeting my fitness goals. It has been, by far, the most consistent and motivating experience I’ve had on my fitness journey.


 Kyle was more than willing to discuss my personal goals for fitness and my recurring struggles with meeting those goals. Our discussions have always included realistic goals for my fitness progress. Each conversation has been judgement free and in consideration of my well-being.


As someone who has difficulty with motivation to get to the gym consistently, Kyle has been able to provide words of encouragement and provide details about progress I was not aware of. During sessions, he is aware of the differences in my body structure and provides guidance for better form to improve my work out routine. Each routine we do focuses on a specific muscle group and is consistently varied to prevent routine boredom.  Kyle is able to keep track of my progress based on muscle strength changes through the varied workouts.

I highly recommend Kyle for personal training and any group workout regiment. He gives great care in seeing his clients, like myself, be successful and guides them towards success."

Jennifer Briggs

 I’d give Get Fit Boot Camp 5 ⭐️)
I cannot say enough about Get Fit Boot Camp. Kyle and Jeremy are there to motivate, inspire and support you in whatever fitness goals you have set for yourself. Classes are challenging and fun, and embody a team mentality, so we all support and encourage one another. I never thought I’d look forward to working out every morning as much as I do. If you’re looking to try something new- this should definitely be on the top of your list- you won’t be sorry😊💪🏼

Julia Dipillo

I highly recommend this gym for all levels of experience. I joined this gym when I graduated college. After playing sports my whole life I knew I needed to find a gym that not only kept me in shape but also made me feel like I was part of a team, a group of people striving towards the same goal: to be our best selves and get fit! I was definitely scared to get into a gym that had classes but the Coaches are so welcoming and motivating, and so are all my fellow members. I was really pleasantly surprised at the resources our coaches provide like nutrition/meal planning, challenging but satisfying workouts, and stretching tips to stay healthy and safe, etc. It’s so nice to have trainers that get to know everyone and really care about their members meeting their goals. Everyone gets to know each other and motivate each other. I personally as an athlete am very motivated and happy to see other members who are beginners grow and get better every week, which makes me work harder as well. I’m so glad I found this gym!

Audrey Alberts

What a great gym! Kyle is very encouraging and passionate in helping each member achieve their fitness goals in a supportive environment! I find every class to be challenging and I love how they constantly change things up to keep you interested! An awesome workout each and every class!

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